Wine List

Enjoy by the glass or by the bottle


Devaux, Grand Reserve Champagne, France £9.95

Prosseco, Italy £6.95

Rose Prosecco, Italy £7.50

White Wines (175ml glass)

Cortestrada, Pinot Grigio/Catarratto, Italy, 2020 £5.95

Montes, Sauvignon Blanc, Chile, 2019 £5.95

Sanama Reserva Chardonnay, Australia, 2020 £5.95

Tempus Two, Pinot Gris, Australia, 2019 £5.95

Rose Wines (175ml glass)

Terre di Monforte, Pinot Grigio Italy 2020 £5.95

Toppesfield, Pinot Rose, 2020 £6.95


White Wines Carafe (500ml)

Sanama Reserva Chardonnay, 2020 £15.50
Montes, Sauvignon Blanc, 2019 £15.50
Cortestrada, Pinot Grigio/Catarratto, 2020 £15.50
Tempus Two, Pinot Gris, 2019 £15.95

White Wines (by the bottle)

Cortestrada, Pinot Grigio/ Catarratto, Italy, 2020 £22.95
It has an intense straw colour with an ample, lasting fruity bouquet. The palate is dry, soft and well balanced, due to its full body.

La Battistina, Gavi, Italy, 2020  £33.50
An enticing golden dry white wine with just a hint of sweet fruit on the palate.

Pieropan, Soave Classico, Italy, 2020  £35.95
A fresh and expressive soave, with classic white flower, almond blossom and a touch of citrus.

La Giustiniana, Gavi Di Gavi, Italy, 2020 £36.95
The wine’s aromas of white fruit, stone fruit and lime zest are immediately beguiling and followed by a subtle yet persistent bouquet of green apples. The palate is well balanced with a fresh acidity and good structure.

Cà dei Frati, Lugana, Italy, 2017 £39.95
White flowers, peaches and ripe lemon aromas with a crisp finish. One of Matthew Mason’s favourite

`Volratz` Rheingau Riesling, 2020, Germany £38.50
The “Volratz” is bright yellow with youthful highlights. This wine has aromas of peach, apricot and citrus. On the palate, it is a refreshing and dry Riesling made in the traditional Rheingau style, with a good balance of fruit and mineral flavours.

Martín Códax, Albariño, Spain, 2020 £38.95
Ripe lemon, grapefruitand green apple notes.

Montes, Sauvignon Blanc, Chile, 2019  £22.95
Pale lemon in colour, is bright and lifted with a good balance of zesty citrus fruit

Kim Crawford, Sauvignon Blanc, N.Zealand, 2021 £34.50
An exuberant wine, brimming with flavours of pineapple, passonfruit and stone fruits.

Greywacke, Sauvignon Blanc, N.Zealand, 2019 £47.95
This wine is vibrant and perfumed with pink grapefruit,
pineapple and peach. Crisp and dry but full in the mouth.

Tempus Two, Pinot Gris, Australia, 2019 £23.95
Crisp and refreshing. Citrus flavour with a pear aroma.

Sanama Reserva, Chardonnay, Australia, 2021 £22.95
Lemon, melon and floral notes are complemented by a refreshing acidity and mineral undertones.

M3, Chardonnay, Australia, 2014 £59.95
Stone fruit and citrus notes, continuing onto the palette. Restrained and subtle flavours of lemon zest and grapefruit

Bon Courage, Gewurtztraminer, S. Africa, 2018 £24.50
Honeysuckle and rose petal aromas with a crisp, dry texture. Beautifully balanced.

Dessert Wines (50ml / Bottle)

Chateau de levant Sauternes, France, 2018  £5.95 / £45.00
A blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon. Rich and deep with mangos, pineapple & other tropical fruits. Good value and well worth trying

Tesauro, Recioto della Valpolicella, Italy, 2015  £4.95 / £49.95 (500ml)
Recioto is the traditional sweet red wine made in Valpolicella. Made from dried Corvina and Rondinella grapes, it has delicate aromas of spiced, blackberry jam and luscious fruit packed characters on the palette.

Rubis, Chocolate Wine, Spain £3.10 / £31.00 (500ml)
A luscious blend of Tempranillo wine with chocolate, result in a rich plumy fruit taste with a
warming finish of chocolate.

Champagnes & Sparkling Wines

Ca’ di Alte, Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry, Italy £24.95
This Prosecco is a light straw yellow with fine bubbles. A pleasant bouquet with notes of pear and floral hints is followed by a very bright, clean and lifted, palate. The finish is very dry, with lingering freshness.

Ca’di Alte, Prosecco Rose Spumante Extra Dry, Italy £25.95
This prosecco rose is a beautiful peach pink, with a fine and persistent perlage. On the nose, intense fruity aromas of peach, raspberry and passion fruit on the palate, it is full-bodied with a fresh and harmonious flavor.

Papet del mas, Cava Brut, Spain £24.95
Pale gold in the glass with fine bubbles. The bouquet is youthful, with apple and lemon aromas. On the palate, the Cava is light and well-balanced with a fine acidity and a fine mousse. Rounded and elegant, it has a lingering finish with hints of candied orange.


Devaux, Grande Reserve Champagne, France £44.95
The wine has a lovely Pinot Noir richness on the nose, with aromas of baked apples and vanilla. On the palate, it is full, rounded and well balanced, with a lively, persistent finish.

Laurent Perrier, La Cuvée Brut, France £65.00
Typical dry and full bodied this is a bench mark non vintage champagne

Dom Pérignon, France, 2010 £249.00
It has a silky texture and a hint of liquorice on the palate.
Flavours of grapefruit and white peaches lead to a long finish.

Louis Roederer, Cristal Brut, France, 2009 £278.00
It has a silky texture and fruity aromas, complemented by a powerful mineral quality with white fruit and citrus notes

Rosé Champagne

Devaux, Grande Reserve Rose Champagne £49.95
Powerful nose, roundness and elegant. Composed mainly of pinot noir delicately balanced with chardonnay.

Laurent-Perrier, Cuvée Rosé £95.00
Salmon pink in colour, with clean, intensely fruity flavours of fresh strawberries, raspberries and wild cherries. It is rounded and supple on the long finish, which is supported by precise acidity and a medium body.


Dissarono Amaretto £4.50
Drambuie £4.50
Tia Maria £4.50
Bailey´s (50ml) £5.50
Bailey’s Strawberries & Cream (50ml) £5.50
Sambuca £3.60
Limoncello £3.60
Grand Marnier £4.50
Cointreau £4.50
Southern Comfort £4.00
Archers Peach Schnapps £4.00
Jägermeister £3.20
Sourz Liqueurs
Choice of Apple, Raspberry and Cherry £3.00

Brandy 25ml

Calvados £5.50
Courvoisier VSOP £4.60
Hennessy Fine de Cognac £5.95
Janneau £10.95
Remy Martin XO £15.00
Hennessy XO £15.00
Martell XO £15.00


Sandeman Late Bottled Vintage £5.50 (50ml) / £45.00 (750ml)
Deep ruby in colour. On the nose, aromas of ripe and juicy blackberries, black cherries, strawberries and plums are married with subtle spicy notes and floral hints. On the palate, firm but ripe tannins and a lively acidity carry the sumptuous flavours onto the lingering finish

Sandeman 10-year-old Tawny Port £5.50
Reddish tawny in colour. On the nose, aromas of mellow red fruits combine with notes of raisins, roasted nuts, caramel and vanilla. On the palate, the sweetness is well balanced by a refreshing acidity which carries the complex flavours onto the lingering finish.


Croft Original £3.40
Pale gold and bright in colour, it has a rich, smooth, delicately sweet palate with an intense, aromatic finish

Tio Pepe £3.40
A crisp, fresh and uncompromisingly dry sherry

Harveys Amontillados Medium Dry £3.40
Elegant nutty taste, it’s nose is a strong union of fine wood and hazelnuts. The nutty undertone is carried on through to the palate and leaves a satisfyingly smooth finish.

Harveys Bristol Cream £3.40
Deep golden chestnutty and amber tones, the nose is full, fragrant, pungent and elegant, on the palate it delivers a full bodied experience with rich yet mellow notes leaving long lasting and velvety finish.

Draft Beer/Cider (Pint)

Adnams Bitter £4.60
Birra Moretti £5.50
Amstel £5.00
Guinness Extra Cold £5.00
Strongbow Cloudy Apple Cider £5.50

Bottle Beers & Cider

Estrella Damm £4.25
Estrella Damm Daura (Gluten Free) £4.40
Sol £4.10
Bitburger Drive (Alcohol Free) £3.80

Ales £5.95
London Pride
Adnams Southwold
Adnams Ghost Ship

Old Mout Cider £5.95
Kiwi and Lime
Berries and Cherries
Pineapple and Raspberry


Grant’s £4.10
Jack Daniels £4.50
Haig Club £5.60
Jameson £4.10
Wild Turkey Bourbon £5.25

Maker´s Mark Bourbon £5.25
Monkey Shoulder £5.50
Johnny Walker Blue Label £16.95

Single Malt

The Glenlivet £7.00
Talisker 10 Years £6.00
Dalwhinie 15 Years £6.10
Glenfiddich 12 Years £5.30

Apperitifs 50ml

Cinzano £4.00
Martini Rosso £4.00
Pernod (25ml) £3.80
Campari (25ml) £4.00

Vodkas 25ml

Russian Standard £4.00
Absolut £4.05
Ciroc £4.55

Rums 25ml

Bacardi £4.00
Captain Morgan £4.00
Captain Morgan Spiced £4.00

Tequila 25ml

Jose Cuervo Especial £3.95

Red Wines (175ml glass)

16 Stops, Shiraz, Australia, 2019 £6.50

Montes, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile, 2018 £5.95

Kaiken Ultra, Malbec, Argentina, 2018 £8.50

Sanama Reserva Merlot, Chile, 2021 £5.95

Dessert Wines (175ml glass)

Chateau de levant Sauternes 2010 (France) £3.50

Rubis, Chocolate- Velvet-Ruby (UK) £3.10
An Indulgent blend of fortified red wine and premium chocolate flavours

Red Wines Carafe (500ml)

16 Stops, Shiraz, Australia, 2020  £15.95

Montes, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile, 2018 £15.50

Kaiken Ultra, Malbec, Argentina, 2017  £21.95

Sanama Reserva Merlot Chile, 2018 £15.50

Rose Wines Carafe (500ml)

Terre di Monforte, Pinot Grigio Italy, 2018 £15.50
Toppesfield, Pinot Rose, England, 2020 £17.00

Rose Wines (by the bottle)

Terre di Monforte, Pinot Grigio Italy 2018 £22.95
A lovely salmon pink colour, this rosato is fresh and crisp with strawberry aromas and cherry flavours

Rosa Dei Frati Italy 2014/2015 £35.50
Zesty and vibrant with aromas of summer pudding and strawberries, it is perfectly balanced with a lovely refreshing finish.

Out of America, Zinfandel USA £22.95
An off dry rose with a hint of natural sweetness. Red fruit and citrus aromas, complimented by delicate berry flavours

Château Beaulieu ‘Cuvée Alexandre’, France 2018
Clear salmon pink in colour. Fresh acidity is balanced beautifully with the alcohol, giving an elegant mouthfeel and refreshing length.

Red Wines (by the bottle)

Il Faggio, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Italy, 2019 £23.95
Dark fruits, plums and cherries and a delicious chocolate- cherry

Fontella, Chianti, Italy, 2019 £25.50
Vivid red in colour with ripe berry aromas with cherry flavours.

A.Mano, Primitivo, Italy, 2019 £29.50
Deeply coloured and exuberant on the nose, with perfumes of ripe red fruit especially blackberries and cherries

Allergrini, Valpolicella, Italy, 2020 £35.50
Ruby red in colour, with youthful highlights. Fragrant fruit with prominent notes of dark cherries. This Valpolicella is impressively lively and playful on the palate, whilst exhibiting delicacy and finesse at the same time.

Alpha Zeta, `A` Amarone della Valpolicella, Italy 2016 £62.50
Deep and intense on the nose with perfumes of dried cherries and blackberries. On the palate it is powerful, with a lovely balance of ripe tannins and spiced, concentrated savoury cherry fruit character.

Brunello di Montalcino, Tuscany, 2015 £79.95
An intense ruby red with garnet hues. The typical aromas of violets and small red berries are followed by hints of vanilla, cedar and coffee. On the palate it is full-bodied and warm with a densely-woven texture and robust tannins, while the finish is persistent and rounded.

Massolino, Barolo `Margheria`Italy, 2014 £85.00
This Barolo is traditional in style yet fresh, structured and accessible. The grapes come from different subzones in Serralunga, resulting in a wine with aromas ranging from tempting spicy notes to
sweet, more floral and fruity notes. Robust tannins and acidity are balanced by the fragrant fruit character of the Nebbiolo.

La Giuva, Amarone della Valpolocella, Italy 2016 £95.00
With a complex and ethereal nose, the wine has aromatic notes of cherries, blueberries and chocolate, combined with hints of sweet spice. Smooth and powerful, the palate is remarkably fresh and
finishes with ripe fruit.

Allegrini, La Poja, Italy, 2010 £125.00
Fresh and crisp, despite 4 years of ageing. Full bodied with aromas of forest fruits, spices and herbs

El Coto, Rioja Crianza, Spain, 2017 £27.95
The palette is clean and well balanced, with a core of strawberry fuit combined with subtle vanilla flavours

Izadi, Rioja Reserva, Spain, 2017 £36.95
Intense aromas with notes of spice. Flavourful, powerful full bodied and well structured. Long finish with a good balance between oak and ripe fruit flavours.

Kaiken Ultra, Malbec, Argentina, 2018 £32.95
Deep, ruby red in colour with violet hues. On the nose, it shows floral and mineral notes, with spicy complexities. Sweet plum, mocha and black cherry flavours dominating.

Don David, Malbec Reserva, Argentina 2019/2020 £35.95
A nose of damson, liquorice and sweet spice. Black pepper, plums and toasty oak flavours

Sanama Reserva Merlot, Chile, 2021 £22.95
Flavours of fresh plum, damson and a hint of chocolate.

Montes, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile, 2018 £22.95
Deep ruby red in colour. On the nose the wine has blackberry and blackcurrant aromas

Chateau Los Boldos, Carmenere, Chile, 2020 £23.95
Smooth with a deep, dark purple colour. The nose is rich & ripe with plenty of red fruits.

Montes, Pinot Noir, Chile, 2020 £26.95
Bright ruby red in colour with aromas of raspberries and strawberries

Babich Black Label, Pinot Noir, New Zealand, 2018 £49.95
Bright ruby red in colour with aromas of raspberries and strawberries

16 Stops, Shiraz, Australia, 2020 £23.95
Youthful and vibrant shiraz, with a lovely dark fruit and spice plum character

Chateau de Lavison, Bordeaux, France, 2020 £27.95
This Bordeaux has a medium depth of colour with red berry fruits such as raspberry and cranberry with a sprinkling of white pepper on the palate.

Les Terres Du Roy, Côtes Du Rhône, France, 2020 £27.50
This Cotes du Rhone has an enticing nose that is ripe and concentrated, full of black and red berried fruits. It is supple, rich yet balanced with crisp acidity.

Domaine de Gry-Sablon, Fleurie, France, 2019 £39.95
A striking and vivid red colour, with several punnets worth of red berry fruit on the nose and palate. Soft and fresh with light, ripe tannins and crisp acidity.

Château Macquin, Saint-Georges-Saint-Émilion, France, 2018 £45.00
Deep ruby red in colour, this wine has intense aromas of ripe red fruits along with spicy notes of cinnamon and pepper. The palate is full-bodied with concentrated flavours of cassis, raspberry and tobacco with a lifted acidity. Silky tannins linger on the long, persistent finish.

Closerie de Vaudieu, Chateauneuf du Pape, France, 2019 £59.95
Big, full bodied, spicy and ripe. Mouth filling and packed with southern Rhone character.

Gevrey Chambertin, Combe d’Or, France, 2014 £85.00
Pristine fruit, lively acidity and fine velvety tannins. Oak ageing has added a little spice and roundness to complement the structure of this classically cherry scented Gevery-Chambertin.

Port & Sherry

Taylor’s, LBV, Portugal 2013 £4.95
Deep purple ruby colour. The palate is rounded, smooth and well balanced. Flavours of redcurrant, raspberry and blueberry in abundance, with a delicious hint of black liquorice, violets and lovely spice.

Croft Original Spain £3.40
Pale gold and bright in colour, it has a rich, smooth, delicately sweet palate with an intense, aromatic finish

Tio Pepe Spain £3.40
A crisp, fresh and uncompromisingly dry sherry

Harveys Amontillados Medium Dry Spain £3.40
Elegant nutty taste, it’s nose is a strong union of fine wood and hazelnuts. The nutty undertone is carried on through to the palate and leaves a satisfyingly smooth finish.

Harveys Bristol Cream Spain £3.40
Deep golden chestnutty and amber tones, the nose is full, fragrant, pungent and elegant, on the palate it delivers a full bodied experience with rich yet mellow notes leaving long lasting and velvety finish.

Gin 25ml

Gordon’s £4.00
Gordon’s Pink £4.50
Bombay Sapphire £4.00
Bombay Sapphire English Estate £3.90
Infused with Pennyroyal mint, rose hip and hazelnut
Hendricks £5.25
Tanqueray nº10 £6.95
Bulldog £5.95
Warner Edwards Rhubarb £6.50
Bloom £5.50
Brockmans £5.95
Monkey 47 £7.50
Dr J’s £5.95
O’ndina £3.90
Sharish Blue Magic £6.50
Adnams Copper House £5.20
Seedlip Non-Alcoholic Spirit
Garden 108 (Herbal)
Spice 94 (Aromatic) £3.90


Tonic Waters £2.00
Hartridges Light (sugar free)

Fever Tree Tonic Selection
Indian Tonic Water

Champagne Cocktails

Kir Royal £9.50
Creme de Cassis (25ml), Champagne

Chambord Royal £9.50
Black Raspberry Liqueur (25ml), Champagne

Mimosa £6.95
Orange Juice, Champagne

Special Bellini £9.50
Peach Liqueur (25ml), Champagne

Strawberry Kiss £9.50
Strawberry Liqueur (25ml),Champagne

Raspberry Ripple £9.50
Raspberry Liqueur (25ml), Champagne

Classic Cocktails

Jack Beats the Frost £9.50
Jack Daniels, Apple Juice, Winter Spice Syrup

Bloody Mary £9.50
Vodka, Tomato Juice, Tabasco, Worcester Sauce, Lemon Juice, Celery Salt and Pepper

Aperol Spritz £9.50
Aperol, Prosecco and a dash Soda Water

Pimm’s £6.95
Pimm’s, Lemonade and Fruit

Tequila Sunrise £9.50
Tequila, Orange Juice and Grenadine

Cosmopolitan £9.50
Citrus Vodka, Cointreau, Cranberry and
Lime juice

Old Fashioned £9.50
Bourbon, Bitters and Simple Syrup

Martini Cocktails

Mason’s Chocolate Orange £9.50
Cointreau (25ml), Gin (25ml), crème de cacao (12.5ml), Simple Syrup

French Martini £9.50
Chambord, Vodka, Pineapple Juice

Espresso Martini £9.50
Vanilla Vodka, Kalhua, Espresso, Simple Syrup

Porn Star Martini £9.50
Vanilla Vodka, Passoa, Passion Fruit Purée,
Syrup and Juice and shot of Prosecco


Cardinal Punch £4.95
Cranberry and Orange Juice, Lemon Juice, Ginger Ale

Cinderella £4.95
Orange, Pineapple and Lemon Juice, Grenadine, Ginger Ale

Mason’s Tropical Punch £4.95
Passion Fruit Purée, Orange and Pineapple Juice, Lemonade and Grenadine